Really pulling my hair on this one.  Car has FBW and starts and runs fairly well.  However well after the 60 second warm up timeouts have completed the car either dead stalls or hiccups so severely that it almost stalls and hunts around a bit until it recovers.  This happens EVERY TIME.  Unplug the TB and problem goes away.  Even setting the FBW idle higher so it matches the unplugged throttle makes no difference.  

Turned off Engine protection
Turned off Lambda compensation
Sits and idles at 1 Lambda like a kitten at 1700-1800 rpm or so which is 200rpm above target.  

Seems like something is hiccuping randomly to cause the stall. TB closing for some reason I dunno.  

Are there any app notes or general PID guides for dialing in the FBW?  Anything else to check?  Maddening.

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Your best friend is logging.. Log the lambda channel, A_ign_total ,  t_inj_b0_Total, Engine Mode, Engine Error Bitfield and Engine Status Bitfield (these 2 are in the menu MISC) as well as Throttle and FBW parameters.
Also Alt-S key combination will bring up the error screens (System Health)  there are more than one screen in this so you will need to scroll through them, some can be blank according to ECU configuration but keep scrolling to the end.    This is also viewable using EOT and clicking on the Status TAB.
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I did resolve this(Actually Kris at DRS found this).  We were triggering transient fuel periodically based on aggressive throttle movement.  Once we pulled the transitional out of the high idle range it resolved.
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