I'm trying to find some information, if (or how) it is possible to connect the Motec ADL Display to Pectel E2 over the CanBus through the diagnostic connector?

There are not much information about the Pectel ECU at all.

Thank you for any advice.
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The Pectel E2 is now an unsupported product due to it's age, however we do have some documentation regarding the device. There are two variants:

4-Plug E2 (29E-071501
3-Plug E2 (29E-071508)

The Diagnostics connector on for the E2 does include CAN connectivity. This needs configuring within the ECU and decoding on the MoTeC dash.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Thank you for the information.

This is what I have, but it doesn't say how to configure the ECU (3-Plug E2 [wink] to the Motec ADL display.

Would you know if any current ECU share similar structure, which I could use to configure the E2?
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Hi,  I sent you a PM..   

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