Hello....long time SQ6 user first post.....

I need to control the electric cam phaser found on Mazda SkyActive engines.  Does anyone know how to do this with the SQ6 or any other cosworth controller?

From my understanding the electric cam phaser is basically a stepper motor, that spins at cam speed, with internal logic but I don't know where to start to figure out how to drive this compared to a conventional phaser.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi John,
           There is ability to do the Toyota system as used on the V8 engines. This sounds very similar. This is controlled using fixed Frequency controller. If you go to Standard Mapping, Variable Cam Timing you will see in the menu Frequency Based Variable Cam Control.  Of course this needs to be set up elsewhere in the system but as you know Caltool you can back trace this through.
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