All, we are in the process of tire testing which we all know can be extremely subjective since there are humans involved. However in an effort to help quantify it all we do gather data and along the way there is one old math channel we used to look at  that I'm struggling to create in the Pi data systems we use.

Simply put, I wish to take both the X acceleration and Y acceleration outputs, join them (sum) and display the resulting number as a channel. Clearly this math channel isn't an exact bit of info but falls into the "grain of salt but worthwhile look" category. 

So that the displayed result is always a positive, I'm thinking I need to use the absolute number of each accel channel but don't know that.  Reason being is that if for Example X is -1.5 and Y is .5  I don't want that to display as -1.0 but rather 2.0!   Part of the issue is of course that the system displays a negative to display direction and again, the result is but a subjective piece of the puzzle for me. I hope this all makes sense?

I've tried my best to create this channel but even though Cosworth says Definition evaluates successfully after creating this new Math Channel, nothing displays in my charts when the X and Y are clearly displayed!

Here is what I'm using now as the channel and I've tried a few other derivatives of this and all give me exactly nothing to display.

[x Acceleration]+[y Acceleration]

Quantity is "acceleration"
data rate is "Same as Channel x Acceleration
Units are "Standard Gravities"  (just like X and Y Accelerations are)

FYI even if the above worked I don't believe it would show the sum of an absolute as I mentioned above but if it showed something I know I would be on a good path towards success.

Please realize I am not an engineer nor am I a math guy so anything you share has to be silly simple and completely explained or it will be lost on me. I'm generally OK at successfully creating Math Channels but this is my first attempt while using Cosworth (Pi)

Thanks for any and all input.

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Figured it out guys!

Sorry for the intrusion and thanks. I needed to find the absolute values from the CAN feed and voila. Adding them together is all that was needed.
Cheers and again, thanks.
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