I was following the user guide to create the map and all is done. I have the .map.gpx file and following the instructions I put it on the USB root without changing the name.

The problem is that the map is not shown on the screen and Is not cutting the laps so is recording the entire lap as a only one lap.

I check that the gps is working well.

How can I try to put the map on the video screen and cut the laps well?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Mark, 

Thank you for your enquiry - which track do you need a map for?

For lap timing, it is important that the first and last points (in Google Earth) are drawn on the start/finish line to ensure the aliveDRIVE Track Map Generator Tool correctly converts the .kmz into the .map.gpx file.

Kind regards, 


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Hi Antonio!

I need the map for Assen Cricuit TT Track.

I put already the map on the car and I tried to record some video to try if is working or not. Our workshop is in Barcelona so I think that the map is not shown actually because maybe the gps is detecting that we are so far.

This weekend I will watch if the circuit done with Google Earth is Ok or not.

But of course if you have can have the circuit created, will be very helpful [biggrin]

Thank you
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Hi Mark,

Please find .kmz and .map.gpx files for the TT Circuit Assen in the attached .zip folder.

The overlay should still appear even if you are not at the track. No useful lap data will be recorded until you are at the track - the aliveDRIVE system requires GPS to be within a small tolerance for the lap to determined. As you are not crossing the start/finish line the system cannot determine when a lap has been completed.

This will be fine once you are at the track.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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