I followed the guide [1] but i'm still unable to generate the .gpx file...
You can find attached a sample .kml file that i tried to convert.

Any good input?

I renamed the file to .kml.txt as i'm not allowed to post a .kml

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I have tried using the file you have attached and the tool generates the .map.gpx file fine

However it seems like this may not be the file you have been having issues with - the filename in your screenshot (Imola.kml) is different to the one you have attached (Path_Measure.kml). The Path_Measure one attached appears to be a map drawing near to the Paul Ricard circuit.

If you can attach the faulty Imola map I would be happy to have a look into why it is giving you that error.
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Josh Wesley


Hi testpp, 

Are you using a European Laptop? With a non UK language?

When using this version of Cosworth Map Generator Tool from a European Laptop, it is important to ensure that the PC Numbering system is in UK format (i.e. one thousand = 1,000 not 1.000)

To do this, go to Control Panel, "Clock Language and Region", 
Control Panel1.jpg 

Then click on "Change the date, time, or number format",
Clock, Language, and Region.jpg 

In formats, make sure the format is set to "English (United Kingdom)"
Region and Language.jpg 

You should now be able to generate the .gpx file.

Once this is complete you can then restore the numbering system back to the original. 

We are looking to rectify this issue in future releases of the software, however this is the fix for now, 

Kind Regards,


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