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I have some problems with lookup tables since the last office update. I am using the 2D Lookup format in my Worksheet.
table #TireF = E:\Pi Daten\CalcTablePi.xlsx\Calc!E17:G22;
#TireF (CONST(RR),[Tire RR],Both)+CONST(staticRR)

It was woking very well since 2018 and i havn't changed anything either on the worksheet itself or the excel sheet. But now, as I was looking through the sheets, I noticed, that I got the response "No Value". The channel [Tire RR] is working well. also the constants are set and are within the limits of the lookup table.

to try a simple way of a lookup table, i was setting the lookups static:
#TireF (3,2000,Both)

Now it should display the value of x=3 and y=2000. It also returns me "No Value". While searching for a suggestion, I was also checking old data where this worksheet was definitely working with. Also "No Value". I am using Pi Toolbox 7.3 and I have also checked it with Pi Toolbox 11.0.
(Win10 1903 built 18362.900; Excel 2016 release 2005)

Has somebody a similar problem? Can somebody help me regarding this problem?
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Hi,  I am not using as complex LUT's as you are but mine are working 7.3 Update 2.  Excel 2007, Win 10 Pro, Version 1909 Build 18363 (today update)
   It isn't some issue that your drive ID has changed, is the file in E:  sorry that is not meant to be insulting, sometimes we don't see the obvious.  I had issues with my dongle in Win 1903 and to be honest I wasn't checking LUT's at this time so I can't comment if they worked or not.

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CL Performance
Problem solved. i don't know why, but for any reason the name of the lookup table was changed from
E:\Pi Daten\CalcTablePi.xlsx\
E:\Pi Daten\CalcTabelPi.xlsx\
its working again. if you are checking it letter by letter, you find these mistakes only by the third time going through it 😃 oh man 😃
its working as expected ... so stupid ^^😖
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