Dear all,

I would like to use Pi-Toolbox to export the GPS line of a reference lap, as i usually do with AIM software. The target is export a .kmz or .kml file which can be opened by Google Earth Pro software, as shown in the immage.
Varano.pngAlternatively, if it's not possible to export a .kmz file directly, I would like to export a Microsoft Excell spreadsheet containing latitude and longitude values measured in a lap. Anyone can explain me how to do?

Hope to clarify these doubts.
Thank in advance for your help,


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Hi Daniele,
            One question is how are you getting your beacon?? If you are getting beacon from GPS then your system will already have the co-ordinates.  If it is from ICD, in your setup go to  Beacons (Unfortunately you can't export the .kml file)..   if it is from ECU go to Input Functions, Lap Beacon, GPS Lap Beacon..  
If you don't have access the systems or you are using a IR beacon a
quick solution is to be sure you are logging your GPS Lat and Long, depending on the device it is usually a NEMA channel nmeaLat, nmeaLon from ecu for instance.    From there select these channels in Pi Toolbox and go to Channel Properties then set Autoscale to YES and go further down and set Decimal places to 6 (8 if you want more detail).  From there set your cursor over the beacon and record your Lat & Long Co-ordinates.  Zoom in to get fine detail.  From there you can make a Placemark or Path in Google earth and export the kmx/kml.     To Export an outing to Excel or CSV format you need a Pro Licence Dongle.    
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many thank for your quick answer. I set beacon by GPS coordinates, transmitting a .kml file to the ICD.
I think that I'll take informations to purchase a pro licence dongle.

Best Regards!
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