I need to calculate average metrics lap by lap within the ECU so telemetry dropouts don't give false readings, Eg average brake bias for each lap. 

I will also need to include qualifiers, eg only look at bias when brake pressure is applied. 

Could anyone give me some pointers for how this can be done?

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to get a good value for brake bias, with a qualifier the gating function works well. This allows you to return a calculation based on a condition, and if the condition is not true there will be a discontinuity. This means no data is presented when the condition is false, so will not effect any min/max/average calculations.

gate([Brake Press F]>5, ([Brake Press F]/[Brake Press F]+[Brake Press R]))

Note that in this case, in order to get a percentage you need to open the More option in the math channel and set the Quantity of the channel to Proportion and Unit Percentage. 

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Hi Gummi,

thanks for your help.

Would you also be able to help me with the the syntax that i would need to to reset the value with the end of lap beacon, I understand that I would need to use registers, but haven't managed to work out the correct syntax yet ?

What i would like to achieve is to plot the average brake bias of each lap to see longer term trends over the course of a race.  
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