Hello, when looking through the lambda failsafe strategy , the fuel multiplier can only be entered from 0 to 1 effectively only reducing the base fuel time , can you please explain what the thought behind this is , meaning what would be the case when one would need to reduce the base fuel time due to a lambda error and not increase it ? 

Thanks a lot .
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I asked the same question to Cosworth no less than three times now with zero response. It seems like a complete boondoggle of a strategy to me. In the event of a lambda failure, I would want to take uncorrected base fueling and add 5-10%, not subtract anything.
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Hi both,

This strategy was a customer specific requested implementation during code release V10-86(1) at the start of 2015 along with the wastegate multiplier which can be seen in the release notes document. The purpose of the customers request was to reduce the engine performance by limiting manifold pressure target and fuelling.
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