Hi everyone,

My beacon (TX C16S) isn't working properly. Lately it isn’t being able to detect the car passing by it (in the main straight). I've already tried different positions at different heights, but nothing changes. Yet, when I make a simple test with the car stopped, that basically consist in walking by the car (stopped) with the beacon in my hand, it works.

Does anyone know what might be happening?

Best regards,

Adriano Sousa

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Hi Adriano, 

I have a few questions that might help identify the issue. 

How old is the beacon? They have a set of filters in them as well as the lens that can deteriorate over time. So it might be that it needs to come back to us to have these changed. When you have the issue on track, does the car pass close to the transmitter or is the issue generally when the car is further away? Also what transmitter are you using? Is it the standard one or the larger Monster Tx?

Many thanks

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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