I have a OEM wiper motor with HIGH/LOW Speeds and a Park function.  The wiper is wired as followed:-

Power Output 17  Wiper low (power 12v to activate)
Power Output 18 Wiper park (power 12v to activate)
Switch 1  Wiper park swt to 12v
Switch 3  Wiper low swt to 0v
Switch 6  Wiper High swt to 0v

I understand that Power output 17&18 have the ability to motor brake  but am unclear how to write the strategy to this OEM wiper to function.  

Is there any documentation on the wiper control and associated base strategy?

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G&G Motorsport
Wipers for sure can be fairly complex to set up. If you would like to PM me your email address I will see what docs I have. 
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