Chris Harrison
I am working on a Sports Racer with Honda K20 NA engine, SQ6 ECU

Occasionally (once or twice in a 20 min on track session) the engine loses power for 10-20 sec 
It has happened turning both directions, but may favor LH turns.

I logged a bunch of channels that I think may be useful, here is link to Dropbox folder.

There are .PDS files from 2 of the more recent runs and also AiM .DRK files for the same runs. 
Car has AiM datalogger to manage chassis data (also a Lambda sensor and sensorTemp).

I include the AiM stuff because there I see a dramatic increase in Lambda sensor Temp. 
It leads me to suspect the power loss is due to retarded Ign timing. 

I see variations in.PDS data of "eventBitfield" and "engine_mode"
But I do not know (can't even guess) what they are.

Run 2
EOT file   Moran Norma .10-10-29   
AIM file    Joe Moran_20200609_104930_a_0056

Power Loss Event on out lap 28 sec and again on Lap 5 50-61 sec
Ran 3 more laps OK, big climb on Lam Temp
Had EOT log errors for Inj 1 Full On, Inj 2 Open Circuit, could be from earlier runs
Steady "engine_mode" data, look at "eventBitfield" data

Run 4
EOT file   Moran Norma .14-18-53
AIM file   Joe Moran_20200609_150629_a_0060

Good for 7 laps. Event started end of L8 (very close to Run3 L6 location ~50ft) 99 sec
Continued into L8, 10sec event, Driver felt it started at bump in apex
.9 lat G low vert G
No EOT errors
Steady "engine_mode" data, look at "eventBitfield" data and "engineStatus"
First time variation in "engine_mode", also first noticeable dip in RPM

all events in this data exit of LH turns, have other data RH turns 
All events do show high Lambda temp 17-1800 F in AiM towards end of event

I truly do not know enough, to know how little I know.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Compensation is available for time spent.

We will run the car in Buttonwillow CA 6-27/28
Reply to forum we can all learn or my email is

Thanks Chris

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