A common technical support question during a race weekend is as to why the car is consuming significantly more water from the intercooler spray tank in a race than in a free practice or qualifying session.

The intercooler spray is activated once the air charge temperature exceeds a certain value and is switched off at another air charge temperature threshold.
During the typical close bumper to bumper racing, which is synonymous with the Clio Cup championships, the airflow through the radiator and intercooler is significantly reduced resulting in higher air charge temperatures.
As a result of this the intercooler spray is activated for longer periods of time in comparison to the more typical free air running of test and qualifying sessions.  

The channel 'EN_Turbo_Fan_State' represents the intercooler spray output (1 = On) and the channel 'EN_Air_Temp' represents the air charge temperature.

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Its worth a mention as well that the Air Charge Temperature (ACT) is displayed on the dash and when this goes over a specific value the ignition is retarded to protect the engine. 

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