I am trying to insert a second beacon into a car in order to detect a specific occurence. It is a 2D laptrigger.

Is there any library to import this kind of sensor in Toolset?

If not, does anyone have experience on wich setting should be used, as the chanles are clearly meant to record revolutions?

Thank you in advance!

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If the sensor just gives you a change then it can be used as a Digital Level sensor. In Hardware Settings in the setup, go to Configure Digital Inputs and make the input you want to use a Level. Then in the Sensors tab you should be able to attach a Digital Push Button Sensor. 
Once the configuration is complete Toolset will create a channel calles [Sensor Name Button] (it adds the button suffix automatically) 
Then depending on what you want to do with this you can look at that channel to create a System Status, math channel, logic channel, etc. 
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Perfect, thank you!

Sorry for the late answer, I am already @ the test and have had no chance to look over here.
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