Have a 991.1 cup. When the power switch is turned on the dash displays the splash page with Cosworth then proceeds to initialize the ICD display with the three windows. Intermittently the display shows the three windows but nothing displays in the windows and they remain blank. The dash is inoperable at that point. By switching the power off then back on the dash will initialize successfully and displays the three windows with their associated content. The dash was sent back to Cosworth who allegedly fixed the dash? After waiting close to ten weeks the dash was returned and the results are the same! The dash fails to initialize intermittently. If you have ever been on the grid and get the one minute to go sign and find out the dash wont initialize it gives one a real feeling of confidence with the car. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi, can you send us a few more details to

We need to trace what happened to the unit while it was back with us, so if you could include the serial number, preferably add the setup you are using as well and just reference this topic so we can tie the two together. 

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It happens on our '15 Cup car from time to time. Quick power cycle always fixes it.
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