I remember working on a car previously with one of the older style Omega Dashes with the remote shift light module that you set up with the button presses on the side.

With this unit I remember that the shift lights flash when you get to the redline.

The car I am working on currently is fitted with the ICD. As standard this doesn't flash when you hit the top limits in the shift light matrix.

The driver struggles a bit to shift consistently, sometimes short shifting and sometimes buzzing the limiter. I am wondering if flashing the shift lights would help him shift more consistently as it is an improved visual indication. I.E you don't really need to pay too much attention to the actual lights you just shift when you get the flash in the corner of your eye.

I'm guessing as the dash is very configurable that there is a way to do this using math channels?
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It is possible to flash lights using math channels. However this is no longer necessary for the shift lights in the ICD.
The latest version of firmware is configured to flash the shift lights when you reach the last line of the shift light
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