I own a 2017 Camaro SS 1LE with the Performance Data Recorder (which to my knowledge you at Cosworth made and I think is fantastic!). I've been using your offline software a bit, but I'm interested in doing deeper analysis than is possible with the provided software leveraging the embedded telemetry metadata in the videos created by my PDR.

I've spent a few nights trying to figure out where that telemetry data might be stored in the MP4 files created by the PDR looking through ISO standards documents and trying numerous MP4 parsing libraries, but I can't seem to find where you embedded that data? and wondered if it was just stored in some of the pixels in the stream instead of a dedicated container, or somewhere else?

I wondered if you can put me in touch with a software/hardware engineer from that product who can help tell me where that data might be stored so I can extract it with Python or some other programming language. Perhaps you have a software IDE I could use to parse that data out so I can analyze it?

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Mark Sawczuk

(P.S. - What I'm looking to do: All of the functionality in the supplied Cosworth racing software for use with my car is really geared at the micro-level analysis within a lap or comparing laps, but as a data scientist I'm more interested in studying my macro-level behaviors like the consistency of my brake zones throughout a session over all laps, running optimization algorithms to see which characteristics of my driving resulted in the highest corner exit velocities, and tradeoffs associated with my driving, like pushing too hard lap after lap and at what point am I causing brake fade, as well as making aggregate comparisons between multiple sessions at the track over time, and seeing if there is aggregate improvement over the duration of a weekend.  So I really want to get all of the time-series signals out of the video into something else so I can do my own data analysis in Python.)



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Our Pi toolbox data analysis software is able to extract the data from the .mp4 file.
The Lite version is available in the link below and will allow you to view the data.

If you are interested in exporting this to a.csv or matlab file you can purchase this from us in the form of a Toolbox licence.


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 


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With the licensed software, can I invoke the parsing of an MP4 video file and dumping the telemetry metadata into a CSV file via a command line?  I have a number of video files I'm looking to parse, and I don't want to do this manually for each one.  And who to contact for license pricing?

And when I opened the application you sent, it mentions something a "dongle".  Is one of those necessary to perform this data extraction I'm looking to do?

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Hi Mark,

the kind of analysis you are talking about requires specific licencing for accessing our dataformat. The standard Toolbox dongle/licence does not have that, you would always have to export each outing manually, which isn't that big a deal and can be done quite quickly once set up. Toolbox allows automatic running of tasks and reports.
For further details on the pricing structure contact

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