Hello guys. Need some help.

Have to repair a racecar running with MQ12.

When i connect ecu via caltool it shows me the ecu in the bottom as connect but i m not able to get metafile.

It shows me an error:  Failed to determine metafile from device
                               Failed to create new dataset from device

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Milan Spicak
Hi Mario030983,

Presumably you have never connected to the ECU before. Then you need to get the right metafile from us to be able to open the dataset in your CalTool.

Once you are connected to the CalTool there is a Code version in the bottom of the CalTool. Please send me an email with the version of your code and I will send you back the right metafile.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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From where i get a permanent cal tool personality?

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