Greetings to Everyone!

I want some engine parts to my V6 2.9i 152kW 1995' Ford Scorpio Cosworth, I can't buy on Hungary this parts for my car:

1./ Timing chain camshaft tensioner housing V6 2,9i 152kW "RS Cosworth" BOB left hand (item nr:7334668)
2./ G
asket timing chain camshaft tensioner housing V6 2,9i 152kW "RS Cosworth" BOB (item nr:73346740)
3./ T
iming chain camshaft tensioner guide bar right hand lower V6 2,9i 152kW "RS Cosworth" BOB (item nr:10083990)
4./ Timing chain camshaft tensioner RHS (item nr:1049826)

I can buy this parts direct from COSWORTH?... Please help me! ðŸ™„  Or from other shop? ðŸ˜¢

Best Regards: Miklos Kassai   ðŸ™‚

e-mail: kassai.miklos@freemail.hu

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Hi Miklos,

Thank you for your post.

This support forum is mostly aimed for the Cosworth's range of electronics products such as Dataloggers, Engine Controllers etc.

If you contact my colleague at the following email address then if they can, they will assist you further with this particular query.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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Dear Administrator!

Thank you for your information, I write mail to your colleague ðŸ‘

Best Regards: Miklos Kassai   Ã°Å¸â„¢â€š
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