Hi all,
Is there a way to filter channels in the channel explorer based on if they are available in the currently opened outing?

What I have is a bunch of math channels and other channel names that are not currently in the outing. So this leads to lots of scrolling and searching through useless channels as you can see in the photo.Untitled.png
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Hi Alex

just type in what you looking for as shown attached.

in addition you can also perform a partial search by typing in *xxx*. So you can find channels with enclosed names.

Important here is the star need to be grey backgrounded which you do by holding ctrl+shift+8 (UK keyboard).

you can also untick "show undefined channels". so you only get the channels of the outing you currently loading.

Hope this makes sense


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Ahhhh YEEAAHHHH! the "show undefined channels" did the trick. That has been bugging me for YEARS. Never knew that was there. 
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