Hello everyone,

Currently working in Formula Renault 2.0, I am trying to use PI toolbox to plot car trajectory a bit more precisely than what the "maps" option does using lateral acceleration and speed.

To do that, i must calculate the instant yaw of the car to plot accel and speed (therefore position) in a fixed referential instead of the car referential.

So i plot the derivate of the yaw given by : omega= lateral acceleration/speed.
It plots fine, the speed is never 0 so no problem.

The problem occurs when i try to integrate this signal, PI gives me nothing. I only have Min : Inf. ; Max ; Inf.

I also tried to integrate using trapezoidal method instead of the integral() PI fonction like this :

register @value;
@value = @value+([omega]+timeOffset([omega],-1/100 ))/100;

which is basically (Xi + Xi+1)/dt

I have tested this solution with other signals, works perfectly. But here, same failure.
I don't see why PI cannot integrate this omega because the signal is fine, not to noisy, continue...

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.
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Hi Damien,

what’s the source of Omega? Which unit does it contain? Can you please share a screenshot of the equation?


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