Hello there,

I'm forced to use Toolbox Lite for my university project. I'm analysing data from a Porsche 991 and since it has the Cosworth ICD, the data is in pds format.

I can't perform my analysis in Toolbox since I have to do some statistical analysis on driver behaviour. Therefore, I would like to export to any kind of format that can be used in matlab, csv would work fine.

Now, I have been told that even with Toolbox Lite it should be possible to create csv exports of the data! For other formats like .mat etc you would need a pro license.

However, I can't find a solution and it's also not supported in the user manual. Could you please guide me in the right direction?

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You need Professional to export in any other format. With professional you can export to Matlab directly (*.mat), or to excel, or .txt Asci files. Why can't you do your analysis in Toolbox, it is a very powerful system as it is?? What are you trying to analyse??

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