Will P
I'm pretty new to using Toolbox and am trying to export some engine data into an Excel report from track testing.

When I try to run the report the status says "Fail: Could not get distance".

The series we are running in doesn't allow any form of wheelspeed / GPS logging so there is no distance recorded in any way.

Despite a good look through, I haven't found a way to get past this issue!

Would anyone be kind enough to suggest a way around this?

Many thanks!
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you can get around this by creating a distance math channel. I was able to make this work with a simple counter as my Distance


register @a1;

@a1 = @a1 + 1;


If you have longitudinal acceleration then you could create a set of math channels that gives you an estimate of the distance.

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Will P
Hi Gummi,

Thanks for your reply, I've just got round to trying it and it's coming up as an invalid definition.

Please could you explain the register reference for me?

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