Porsche Almeras
Recently I bought a new computer .

After downloading the PI toolset program, I tried to connect the computer to the car. Unfortunately the car does not seem to be detected by toolset.
The problem comes from the ethernet connection. As I do not have an ethernet plug on this computer I use, a USB-ethernet adapter.

Does anyone have an idea of how could I solve this problem

Thank uo by advance 
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  have you set the dedicated Cosworth IP address?  Turn off firewalls to test, if that fixes the issue then you will need to change your firewall settings to allow Toolset through.   Sometimes Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) Protocol can help.  Also check the USB drivers for the adapter are installed correctly and working. connect to the internet or some other device.
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 IP   Address...........   172. 16.255. 13
       Subnet mask....   255.255.  0.  0                

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