Hello guys,

I have an ECpro ecu for the USDM market for an STI.

It was delivered with a D dongle to work.

Is it possible to set it up so that it would work without a dongle ?

Where can i find the latest D personality ?

Is it compatible with the latest Caltool ?

Can i have a contact for offline support for SQ6M questions ?

Thanks guys.

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Milan Spicak

Hello KPA,

First of all, I need to know what ECU you exactly have. Could you please send me the following information to my e-mail address?

ECU serial number
SW code version in the ECU
Version of CalTool or DescPro

Bear in mind that ECPro is an obsolete product which is no longer supported. However, we should be able to change the developer which enables you to work with the ECU without a dongle. This is also not free of charge and you need to send us the ECU. After that process, the ECU will be completely blank.

SQ6M questions can be directed to me as well.



Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Thanks Milan for the follow up on email.

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