Looking for some suggestions on some start issues.

Cold Start on e85 with low cranking compression.  About 90psi on compression tester due to Cam-Piston etc.  Positive Dispacement Supercharger and FBW.

I have played around with Various Cranking fuel amounts, timing, and mapping fuel.  A ton of variables to try to figure out.
I can get the car to start to kick over and it will rumble along sometimes at 300-400 RPM but not really "take off"  Other times it may start but immediately die.  

The only thing, with some success, is holding the throttle open about 1/2 way and once it kicks off, run the engine at 3000-3500 RPMs with my foot & massaging it to life.  Once it has 10-15 seconds running it can be settled down onto the idle throttle position.   Not any really good way to replicate in software.   Any ideas or approaches to develop ideas?  

Re-start after stall.  Takes forever if it gets stalled(I've done this a couple times spinning up the dyno).  It floods.  Is there a way to prevent the flood?  Is there a way to fix it?  I put WOT cranking fuel at zero in the last 2 cells of the TPS cranking fuel map.  That maybe helps some.  It generally takes multiple minutes to get a re-start, thankfully the car has 3 batteries!

Thanks for any ideas!

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