I see the Cosworth MQ12DI has both direct and port injection drivers. Does this mean that you can use it for dual injection engines with both pfi and gdi or is it one or the other?
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The MQ12Di can support up to 24 injectors total; 8 of these can be GDI injectors and 16 can be PFI.

GDI injector pins are dedicated and cannot have an alternative function.

All the PFI injector can be used as injector outputs OR PWM outputs.

Most GDI setups will not require additional fuelling from the PFI injectors, but if needed 8GDI and 8PFI would be typical.

Its worth noting that if you are using an injector within your anti-lag system, it will function as a PWM and not follow the standard injection pattern. It will simply work to the PWM duty.

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