Cosworth products have varying security feature levels that are available to you dependent on who you are and what you've bought.


Below is a brief outline of the main features you may come across


Everybody needs a personality. That is to say, one is required to communicate with a Pectel ECU and to open datasets. Personalities exist on a PC and authorise that PC to communicate with the equivalent Pectel ECU.

Personalities are small executable files that you run a single time on PC to install. These files are distributed by Cosworth or the appropriate developer. Only one Personality can be installed at a time, however they are easily over written by simply clicking a different one. The currently installed personality is visible by hovering over the little man in the lower right hand corner in Pi CalTool.

Most Pectel ECUs will be of the "Pectel External" (PEXT) personality type. This will allow access to almost everything the ECU has to offer. The vast majority of people will be using a PEXT personality as most ECUs are programmed as PEXT ECUs.

There are additional developers which will configure Pectel ECUs to use their own personalities (common ones include M-Sport and Mountune). If you have come across one of these ECUs and only have a PEXT personality, you will not be able to communicate with it. Developer specific personalities are distributed by each developer. Cosworth cannot supply these personalities. Developer specific personalities can be used to restrict access to certain maps or areas of the dataset on the ECU.

Datasets can be password protected for additional security, and the level of restriction can also be altered from:

·         Everybody – allow access to everybody regardless of personality

·         My Team – allow access to anybody with the same personality as me

·         My Team and Serial Number - allow access to anybody with the same personality as me, but only on the current ECU (determined by serial number)

Personalities are only used for Pectel ECUs and have no bearing on Pi products.



Dongles are used to supplement the personality in Pi CalTool. Some personalities open additional features and allow access to hidden maps. Access to these areas is controlled by using the correct personality (often developer specific) and then an additional dongle. Having only one of these will prevent access completely.

Often the engine builder will have the affiliated dongle to a developer specific ECU. This allows protection of the Intellectual Property (IP) of that engine builder (i.e. his calibration) but still will allow configuration of certain sensors, or specific areas of the map.

Dongles are also used to control access to Pi products. Certain functionality within Pi ToolSet can be locked or unlocked depending on the dongle you have. This again allows restrictions to be placed on the products but allows some configurability to an end user. For instance, display pages and CAN streams can be locked within a Pi ToolSet setup, but shift lights and brightness settings can be configured to the driver’s preference.

Dongles also unlocked additional features within Pi ToolBox. Certain analysis functions are only available with a dongle, and the number of allowed Worksheets is also extended.



FeatureSets are small executables that open access to additional functionality on a Pectel ECU.

When and ECU is first purchased, there are several optional extras which can be specified (these are things like Traction Control, Full Gearbox Control, Fly-By-Wire, additional CAN I/O functionality and Dual Lambda). If you wish to upgrade the ECU at a later date, a FeatureSet upgrade can be purchased from Cosworth.

Running the FeatureSet upgrade whilst having a serial connection to the ECU will unlock the additional functionality.



Tokens are used to upgrade the Pi product range. Similar to ECUs, the specification of a Pi product is configurable at the time it is bought. Upgrades will include things such as a higher allowed number of pages, additional logging capacity and a higher allowed number of maths channels.

Tokens are installed using the “Upgrade” function in Pi ToolSet, and can be purchased from Cosworth.


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