Hello Cosworth Customer Support,

I am looking for some information regarding impo.

I have been provided a dashboard configuration. It has already been loaded with dbc configurations for both Decode and Encode Side. Let's call it version 3.0.

I have been provided a dbc file with version 2.0. There are some channels in this dbc file that aren't on version 3.0.

What is the difference in terms of dbc file code between export and import side? Is it possible to import part of the version 2.0 dbc file and extract the parameters I want to log?

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Hi Kevin,

This shouldn't be a problem at all.

When you import your .dbc file, Toolset shows you a list of the contents, you can untick/tick any individual channels or complete frames that you don't want.

DBC Import.PNG 
Once you have gone through the import process, one thing I would advise you also do is to check the packets layouts to make sure they don't overlap etc depending how different your 2 versions are.

Once you have imported it select Edit Packets.

Edit Packets.PNG 

Then Preview Packet Layout at the bottom...

Packet Layout.PNG 

This then gives you a useful visual representation.

Packet Visual.PNG

Many thanks,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Thanks for your feedback Rob.

I tried this at a ride day recently, but without success.

With the two dbc files I have (2.0 and 3.0), does Pi Toolset display a warning if there are packet files that overlap? How can we check to see if two DBC files are overlapping. The CAN ID used for v3.0 is such that I don't believe it appears anywhere within v2.0 dbc file.

When I preview the packet layout, both streams appear fine.
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Once a DBC (or any other CAN stream format) is imported completely into Toolset then if there is a clash of IDs Toolset will throw an error. 
When you say you did not have any success, what exactly in the process failed? 
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This issue has since been resolved. 

The issue was with new datasets being written that needed to be matched with updated dbc files.
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