Must overlook it completely, but can not find the datalog function in PiCaltool for SQ6.. where to look for this?

Communication works fine so far am new to the SQ6 and now exploring.
Help file did not give feedback on my searches so far.

Best regards, Theo
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Hi Theo

To use datalogging in the SQ6 you require a program called Engine Offload Tool (often shortened to EOT).

The latest version can be found here.

You configure the connectivity in the same way as CalTool (Ethernet, Serial or CAN). Be aware that having CalTool and EOT open on your PC at the same time can cause connectivity issues.

When you connect, the ECU logging profile will be extracted from the ECU; you can then set the channels and logging rates in the Logging Configuration tab. This configuration can be saved and loaded as necessary.

Logged data is found under the Logged Data tab, but before offloading any data, I would suggest configuring the "Automatically Generated Filenames" and viewing "Options" under the Tools menu.

To actually trigger the logging conditions (i.e. the point at which logging commences in the ECU, open CalTool and check the SOFTWARE SETUP > MISCELLANEOUS section for logging start/stop conditions.

Hope this helps

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Thanks !!
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Also be careful, EOT often gets blocked by firewalls, be sure to set your firewall to allow EOT. 
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