What is the actual CSB CAN baud rate? I have two different devices, one which states it is 500, while the other states it is 512.

Thanks in advance.
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1x CAN 1Mbit, 512k, 256k, 128k
software selectable, with
120Ω selectable termination

From the datasheet..    

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Hi Squid,

As per littleozfella's comments, this information can be found in the Product Information Sheet and the User Guide for the CSB.

These documents can by found on our forum under the Electronic Reference Library > Interfaces.


I think some of the confusion here has come from the 500 / 512 reference. The actual rate is 512k but typically this is referred to as simply 500.

For reference, the termination is selected via a solder link on the board.

Typically in most installations it is used at 1Mb, especially when used with other Cosworth systems. The CSB default is 1Mb.

Many thanks,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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