Can I use logger on/off or network plugged in/removed to trigger crical events? Critical events, from what I understand, are those events that initiate and terminate outings from which you can then extract the the logged data.
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Hi Vennerig,

I'm not sure a quite understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve here.

Are you wanting the system to end the current data log file and start a new separate log file outing under certain conditions?

Many thanks,

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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My problem stems from when I press "Offload" and Pi server reads back:

SN: Speed 100Mbs
OM: Offload not completed because no outings have been defined by offloaded events
OM: Offloaded 0Bytes( 0 bytes) in 1.2 secs


I did a little reading in the Pi Workshop Manual and it tells me that Engine speed must be above a certain value as well other things to start an outing. 

What I would like to happen is for it to start logging right when I turn it on.

The LJB application file I'm running is IC2012_Front_v1.bin.

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in workshop, you can set the RPM and Speed Threahold to start/stop logging under Apps - Miscellaneous -“Logging Truggers”....OR you could just create a math channel that uses a fake RPM and/or Moving Guard based on an existing channel/sensor being logged.

the other issue could be the internal Backup battery is too low to log the outing. New, these are around 3.5-3.6v.

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Hi Racereadyengineer,

Thanks for the feedback!

So I was able to get it to start logging (I think) after I made EngineSpeed dependant on LJB Supply Voltage. But it stalls when I start offload and I end up aborting the offload after some time.

Could you verify what the moving and logging triggers should be if all I want it to do is start logging when I turn on the logger?

Any other parameters I should check?

It can start the offload, while still remaining above the "Stop Logging" threshold, right?

Does the internal backup battery have a variable name?

Last year, I had unwittingly erased application code on the LJB. With help from Cosworth Customer Support I was able to find a replacement code that allowed me to send a setup, but, I'm still having issues offloading any data. I can of course see the live data while plugged in with the network cable, but I can't offload from the logger.

Racereadyengineer, if you or anyone on this thread have a working system would you be able to offload the .bin files from the LLB and LJB for me to try?

Thank you and I'd be very grateful if you could help

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