Hi Cosworth, 

How do I create a track map in Pi Toolbox?
I do not have a GPS sensor.


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Please use the attached PDF to create a track map file.

One item not noted in the document is that the speed must not reach 0 in the dataset and it must be a complete lap with an End of Lap event bookending the lap.

M272, 2JZ, EJ25 Power!

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Hi All,

I am hoping someone is able to help me out with creating a map. I have followed the guide above and have been able to create a map. Though, there are two issues:

1) The start finish line on the lap does not line up with the data. Because we did not have a working beacon, I inserted lap beacons in the data to establish a lap. When I select the start of the lap in the data plot, it shows up as Turn 3 on the map.

2) I am trying to setup a gear selected plot, however there is no display. In my Gear Channel, the data is correct (shows 1, 2, 3 etc.). When I add the channel to the map with discrete colours, I don't see the gear map.

Edit: I have tried some data from a Cup Car and it seems to display fine. The car I am working on is not a Cup-Car - the channels have been setup correctly and I can confirm that no channels are able to be displayed on the map (either it is hidden or perhaps some setting within the data file itself.

Would someone be able to help?


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