Got two cars and two SQ6s.

I changed the crankshaft of my bmw and now the crank wheel is outside of the oil pan, now it is in front of the front timing cover.  On the old crankshaft, crank wheel was on the crank itself.    

We copied the crank sensor, and vibration damper, and the location of the crank sensor position from my other bmw which runs very well.  

Both cars have different camshaft wheels.  
Both have identical crank wheels and identical crank sensors.   

I checked cam and crank alignments twice and crank and cam are aligned mechanically.

Synch is 360, exhaust and intake cams read weird numbers.

To whom can I email two maps and a log?  One map belongs the well running bmw.  Second map belongs to bmw with a 360 synch. 

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