I check and verify this   whenever I have anything apart  or  change  any parts on the front of the engine related to the crank position sensor. 

It has been a while and I cant remember if there is somewhere I can quickly  fix the timing so none of the adders are changing it at idle so the IGN_A_TOTAL  is fixed? 
This to make  comparing the ECU timing vs crank wheel timing is easy to compare. 
I unfortunately work on this car and the SQ6M so little I forget the simple things

Thanks for any help
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     You need to zero all Ignition Compensations (ECT, ACT etc) Standard Mapping, Ignition Correction, and either deactivate Idle control or zero the Idle Ignition Compensations. Standard Mapping, Idle Control with Ignition, Idle Ignition Adder (positive and negative Error tables),  Check parameters A_ign_base and A_ign_total to be sure you have no active compensations..  Pays to flatten the area in your ignition curve also to say 10deg..   Personally I prefer to check at 0deg especially if you have wasted spark in the case of timing lights doubling the advance..   There is no "fast way" to do this..  If you don't save the file Cntrl Z will undo changes or compare with last save and replace different values.(Data, Compare Settings)

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