I had someone putting an arduino based signal simulator for me to "run" my SQ6M so I can  verify  things like external shift lamps, old Analog tach etc. without running the engine.
That project is stalled.
Any reason I can not use this ?


I am already using a 60-2 magnetic crank trigger in the car so I thought I could hook this right up.

While it just has a twist knob, all i want to do is compare the SQ6 RPM on my laptop to the operation of the tach and shift lamps.

Thanks for any input.
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Hi 95wagon,

As long as you cam and crank setup of your ECU matches what that unit outputs it shouldn't be a problem. Reading the link it looks like a standard N-M 60-2 setup so you can use the N-M setup in the ECU as well so should be fairly straight forward for you to setup.
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Ok, both the Electromotive , and the Arduino based crank  simulators work perfectly , to run up the  ECU .

If any one is doing this, the  trigger type setting must match the simulator.
Electromotve   Mag
Arduino           Hall.

This all leads me to a new question.
The car was running fine before disassembly  for mech maintenance

I don't believe I have a real problem, just something that happens when testing with components not connected.

I first started with nothing but a crank signal.
Tach out put , all perfect 0- 8500

I started  studying live data in the Caltool.
At about  1550-1600 rpm and above   , the A_ign_total will go to -90
I started hanging stuff back on
OIL Temp
Air Temp
I never put the injectors or coils as I do not want to run either dry, or not completely assembled.
charge-a-load sits at 0 ms
dwell_limit sits at False
max-T-charge is RED  at 7.00 ms
t_charge is RED at  5.43 ms.

As I said, I don't think I have a functional problem, just trying to understand this.

Thanks for any direction.

EDIT !!!!
Oil pressure cut speed is set at 1500 so that is likely what is going on as I have no oil pressure because the engine isn't really running 🙂
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Exactly correct with oil cut..  -90 means that an ignition has a cut applied... you can check and/or change your limiter properties in Software Setup\Torque Reduction\Torque Reduction Mode by Source..

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