Does anyone know if Cosworth Toolbox will run on Mac OS?
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Hi Jarvo,

From my experience it will not run natively in the Mac OS, but it will run with dual boot.  With that being said, I have seen occurrences where the native adapters are not recognized by the dual booted OS.  So this can apply to the network adapter (affecting comms with the logger), and USB adapters (affecting Toolbox Dongles).  While the troubleshooting was limited, it may be that the adapter gets bound to one OS and is unable to be utilized by the other.

The usage of Toolbox in a dual boot Mac OS computer is easier and more straight forward than the configuration software side of things.

Let us know if that assists.

M272, 2JZ, EJ25 Power!

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Will Cosworth make the Toolbox available for Mac without having to run dual boot?

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Hi Boofus,

In terms of Pi Toolbox used in the racing environment this is not part of the planned development.

In terms of Cosworth Toolbox used with the GM PDR, any future development is at the request of GM, please feed back any comments to GM. It is something that is currently being investigated.

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