Dear Cosworth,

My team is about to take delivery of a new LMP2 car and I was after some basic information on the electronic system so I can get familiar with the software before the car arrives. Could you let me know what will be on the car from Cosworth?

Many thanks
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Hi Racer,

cosworth supplies
-ECU MQ12DI including full transmission and traction control
-IPS 32 power managment system
-RSP20 Rubber Switch Panel 20
-CCWMK2 complete Steering wheel
-RLU removable Logger Unit (Ethernet Hub as well as saving the logged data on an external USB stick
-SSR 300 (solid State Relay 300 / main relay)
-a couple of sensors


In addition some cars also run a CSG10 (CAN Serial GPS module) and CJB (CAN junction Box).

Martin Burmeister

Martin Burmeister
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