the cam card with the MX1 cams specifies use with cosworth valve springs (p/n:  20004844); I have the Cosworth big-valve ported cylinder heads which come with all the valve train components (sans buckets/tappets).

my question is two-fold:

  1. are we supposed to just re-use the stock buckets or...some other alternative?
  2. do the springs that ship with the big-valve cylinder heads satisfy the requirements of the part number mentioned above?

Also: online catalog generally specifies compatibility of camshafts with complementary cylinder heads, which implies the springs would be fine but I don't want to make assumptions and prefer to get a direct, authoritative answer.

The cylinder heads didn't come with any documentation, so I'm asking here.

Thanks for any responses, in advance!

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Hi Dapp,

Thank you for your post.

This support forum is mostly aimed for the Cosworth's range of electronics products such as Dataloggers, Engine Controllers etc.

If you contact my colleague at the following email address they can then assist you further with this particular query.


Many thanks and best regards,


Cosworth Support
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