A typical issue is that Pectel users can not establish communications with their ECU using Pectel ECU Offload Tool even though there is not an issue with CalTool which uses the same ethernet lead and port.

On most Windows machines the user is prompted to allow Pi CalTool through their firewall when they first try to connect to an ECU using the software and therefore they can follow the helpful on screen Windows instructions to configure this.
Typically the user does not get this same prompt when they first install ECU Offload Tool and therefore communications get blocked by the Firewall.

The 'Allow a programme through Windows Firewall' application in the computer's control panel will allow you to 'Allow another program' through the firewall in which the Pectel ECU Offload Tool can be selected, if it isn't already.

Allow a Programme.jpg 

The same app and process can be used for Pi CalTool if you are not automatically prompted to allow the programme through by your PC.
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