In our team we have two cars. One car was bought new, without the ICD-PCUP upgrade. The other car was a second-hand car and it came with the upgrade. Currently we don't have any real benefit of having the upgrade except the fact that we have brake pressure data. It helped us confirm a problem with brake pressure adjustment. But, that's it really. What else is there to gain from this upgrade?

Can Alastair, or anyone else, explain how we could use this upgrade as a competitive benefit? How do I use this data in Toolbox to improve lap times? Do you have any screenshots from Pi Toolbox that can illustrate how the extra data is used?

I'm thinking that it could help identify oversteer/understeer, but drivers can tell us this. And we can see it from our inboard videos. Can you perhaps calculate the slip angle somehow?

At the moment we are considering if it's worth upgrading the remaining car. We would like to have to brake pressures. But, we don't use the rest of the package, and we don't see the benefit from it in the car we have. If there is an advantage that could help lap times it would be of great interest to us.
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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your post.

The Porsche CUP car comes with an upgrade option as you have mentioned, there are a number of system benefits to this, the features are:

- Increased Logging Memory and Data Rates
- Brake Front and Rear Inputs Opened Up (Requires Porsche Sensor Purchase)
- Steering Angle Input Opened Up (Requires Porsche Sensor Purchase)
- Qualifying Mode can be used with historical Data Sets

The upgrade pack with the extra sensors gives the user more power to aid driver training with the extra driver controls being recorded. When you install the Pi Toolbox Software the standard Porsche CUP template has maths channels built in that can show:

- Amount of Braking each lap (Time, Distance and Percentage)
- Coasting (Time the Drive isn't on either the Throttle or Brake in terms of Distance, Time and Percentage)
- Brake Balance (shows adjustments made by the driver during the outing)

Hope this helps, please let us know if you need any more assistance.

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