i want to compare a GEN1 with a GEN2. But a lot channels has a different name.

Is there a function to create a mathchannel how display the value from GEN1 if avalible or GEN2 if avalible?

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Hi David

You could try using the ifExist functionality in Maths:

IfExist([channel name],x)

Defines values for specific channels, even if the channel is currently undefined. The channel does not need to be present in the current list of defined channels. 'x' will be any valid math channel expression.

You can write these channels as follows:


This will provide the channel from the Gen1 data if it is there. If it is NOT there, it will provide the channel from the Gen2 data. You can name these maths channels something generic and usable, so for instance if the RPM channel has a different naming convention between Gen1 and Gen2 cars, you could name the channel [RPMboth] and then always use this channel for RPM. This way, regardless of which Gen car data you are viewing, RPM would always be available.

Please note that these channel names are defined by Porsche.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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thanks, that works
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