Hi, I am trying to setup SQ6 with a engine testbed. I have got all the sensors connected and working. While trying to crank, ECU is not getting into crank mode. Presently I have 2 issues,

1 - Ethernet connection disconnects during cranking. Analysis through picoscope gave an idea that the voltage at the ECU main power line (pin 49) is dropping to around 10V at the instant just after pressing the starter button. But looks like ECU is not turning off, Only the communication between ECU and Laptop is having issues. Is this a common issue or only in my bench. 

2 - Due to problem one, i am not able to see what is happening at the crank Sync when the starter is engaged and therefore not able to troubleshoot why it is not getting to crank mode. 

It would be a great help anyone could suggest what could have been going wrong.

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     yes, Ethernet will drop out below or around 10v..  There is nothing you can do about that except to put a booster battery to give some more kick.   If you have RS232 comms port, connect using that.. 
          But to solve your issue it will be better if you set your logging file to start at 10 rpm. Log the parameters like Crank and Cam raw volts at high Hz, RPM and Sync status and so forth.
       A tip with Pectel systems, Ign Timing and injector pulse width will be 0 unless the engine is in either 360 or 720 mode.  If you don't get any logs that means that your not getting any crank sensor readings.  set the logging to start at 0 rpm then the system will constantly log..

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Thank you very much for your tips.

I was worried whether it was an ECU or wiring issue specific to the bench. [smile]

We continued cranking till the communication was restored. Luckily starter didn't got burned. 

The hall effect sensor voltage was dropping from 10.3V to 6.9V while cranking. Changed the upper cranking threshold to a much lower value than 6.9 and voila engine started. 

Thanks again for your help 


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