Is there a way to change the order of the displayed channels on a tiled Time/Distance Chart in Pi Toolbox (11.0)?  For example, how do you move Speed and RPM to the top of the chart?  It appears that the displayed channels are all in alphabetical order.

Also, how do you change the units on the x-axis of the chart from meters to feet?


Mike G
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I am not familiar with Toolbox 11 but up to  TB-7 you can't as far as I know, and it Peeves me off!!  This is really annoying when you are using Y axis % (dragging channels on the y axis)   The only way I have got around this is do a maths channel and name the top channel say AA_Carspeed  second channel BB_RPM etc   bloody annoying!  I am happy if anybody knows a cure other than this way.
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This will be coming in a release later this year.

Mick's option said above is the current best way to do it.
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