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Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

My computer can´t send ICD SetUps, but can connect me with the 911GT3Cup Gen 2!
Read from Active Device is also possible.
Do you have a solution?!
This topic has already worked

Thanks for the Help

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This issue is usually caused by anti-virus or firewall settings.
please try disabling these while connected to the car and see if this resolves the issue


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 


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I have the same problem - Still no solution 🙂
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mikkelop117 wrote:
I have the same problem - Still no solution 🙂

Can you share details of the error shown when you try to send the setup please?
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Just solved one situation like this.. As Rob said above beware of anti-virus programs.. In particular AVAST.  My client had it disabled but somehow it enabled itself on reboot and caused an issue with Toolset but allowed Caltool and EOT.   
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