AliveDrive/ICD Question.

1: Is there a CAN Transmission list available for aliveDrive to create a CAN stream in ToolSet?
2: Or is there a default editable ICD CAN stream available?

Thanks in advance.
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I would like to know this too. 

I just have the Pedalposition on the video... How can i add the brake?

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Hi David,

The AliveDrive system takes in 6 channels over CAN

Engine Speed
Vehicle Speed
Steering Angle
Brake Pressure
Throttle %

The Brake channel is scaled 0-100 on the display and this can simply be driven of a brake light indicator or from Pressure. In the setup you have you should have channels that start "AD.." These are the maths channels that drive the data to the AliveDrive unit and you can use Maths to manipulate the signals to give you the 0 - 100 scale.

Best Regards,

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Thank you Neal!

good to know.
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