Hi there,
how can I calibrate sensors with toolset? I´m working on a Porsche 991 GT3. We built it on a new chassis. We convert the hole Pi system into the new car. But now there is no accelaration signal (X/Y/Z).
What can I do? Also no distance signal. See attachment below.

Hope you could help me.

Kind regards

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Hi Martin

It's likely the channel you are looking for are not actually called "Distance" and "Y Acceleration", but will have a different name such as "ECU Distance".

You can set the default channels up by going to Tools > Options > Channels

If there is no distance channel logged that is of use, you can generate one using a maths channel that integrates the speed channel as follows:


Replace [car_speed] with the channel you are logging that gives the actual vehicle speed.

If you are attending the Oulton Park race this weekend, there will be Cosworth engineers on site that will be able to provide some support.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Thank you for your answer.
The channel "distance", "X Acceleration", "steering angle" do exist last year.

Also it is wondering that the logger is not recording lap by lap. It is recording the hole session. I have no beginning and end of each round.
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Josh Wesley

Hi Bastler, 

From the channels I can see, it looks like this is IPS32 Data (power control unit), not ICD Data (dashboard/datalogger). 

In order to view the channels you require, you need to download the data from the ICD. 

In Toolset, connected to the car with the car power ON, go to the devices tab and make sure the ICD is "Active". If it is not, click on it and press the "Activate" button. 

Pi Toolset.png 

You should then be able to download the data as normal, and this should be more familiar to you, 

Kind Regards,


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Hi Josh,
thank you for your answer. This could be the mistake. I will check it.

Kind regards

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