Is it possible to configure the SQ6 for banked injection on a V8, using external drivers? 

In my case, I have external relays to power the second bank of 8 injectors.  The secondary relays are activated at a certain load, providing 12v to the second injectors.  The primary and secondary injectors share the ground signal from the ECU.  The pulsewidth is halved when the secondaries are active.

Looking for any advice on how to configure this, or something similar on the SQ6.  Really like the SQ6 for number of outputs and flexibility, but need to cope with the extra injectors somehow.

Appreciate any response.
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I never seen such a setup you describing (which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist). I don’t think you will ever get a nice control using a relay. When banked injection is used the ecu should provide full injector control.

Unfortunately the SQ6 cannot handle 16 Injectors. The MQ12 can.
Nowadays Injectors can handle huge flow rate as well as a very precise fuel delivery with low duty cycles which makes banked injection more and more obsolete.

What specific power output you are aiming for per cylinder/injector?

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