We're trying to streamline our data analysis process i our racing team.
Our two cars are using different systems. Of which the second is using a mxg Dash logger from Aim combined with Their racestudio but our first car is using cosworths pi toolbox based system. What we're trying to ac hive is to convert the outing data collected through the mxg dash (.drk) to pi data sets (.pds). So for far we have been unsuccessful, but working with aim we concluded that they needed a document describing the .pds file format and to know whether or not they legally could make a conversion program for us or we need a license for such actions. If such things could be provided the problem could be easily resolved.
/Jonatan @Niborracing, Lotus cup
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You'll need a DO Wrapper license dongle as well as a few documents explaining their registries and C# objects/methods/class structure in order to access raw *pds files.

the other way is exporting to CSV or text format,then converting the AIM Format into the Pi Toolbox ASCII format, which can then be imported into Pi Toolbox.
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To import or export via ASCII to Toolbox, you will need a toolbox dongle with those permissions to complete this

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Where can I obtain a DO Wrapper dongle?
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Cheaper easier and much more efficient logging at decent rates and reliable rates to throw the AIM on ebay and get a Cosworth ICD!  If budget is limited they have a good deal on D4 dashes at the moment..  May not be colour shiny, but this is a great little dash for its price.. 

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